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Next Generation Television

What’s Next Generation TV?

Next Generation TV (NextGen TV), also known as Advanced Television Systems Committee 3.0 (ATSC 3.0), is the latest standard for over the air television broadcasting which supports new technologies like HEVC 4K video quality, HDR, Dolby Audio, theater-like sound, enhanced data services, and other improved features such as targeted emergency notifications that enhance your broadcast viewing experience.

Next Generation TV
Robust Untethered Reception Targeted Content
and Advertising
4k UHD Tv Robust Untethered Reception
Immersive Audio Robust Untethered Reception

Repack Ready

Robust Untethered Reception Multiple Content Streams
Robust Untethered Reception Robust Untethered Reception
Advanced Emergency
Robust Untethered Reception
Spectrum repack

What is the spectrum repack?

The greatest challenge facing both mobile and broadcast TV providers today is the shortage of available over the air frequencies required to deliver content or data to their customers. Smart devices such as cell phones and tablets demand an increase in mobile communication speeds, placing a strain on the overall bandwidth available to accommodate for evolutions like the latest 5G networks. The frequencies traditionally allowcated for free over the air TV must now be shared with new mobile telecom services, resulting in a requirement by the FCC to re-allocate traditional OTA TV frequencies and relocate or “Repack” them in the reduced bandwidth now available to traditional television broadcasters to make room for Mobile 5G enhanced services.

Why should I choose “Repack Ready”?

Once TV services are moved to their new frequency slots the mobile phone signal could cause interference on your television or completely block the signal. The likelihood of this happening increases based on proximity to the cell phone transmitter or even the presence of cell phone boosters in the home.

The optimum solution to avoid this negative effect is installing specific devices that filter out potential mobile phone interferences. Televes has developed a complete range of antennas and mast amplifiers, specifically designed to enhance TV reception while simultainiously eliminating the interference. For your piece of mind, these products are marked “Repack Ready”.

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